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The Future of Work is Eternal Work

June 25, 2023 Jeffrey James Seyferth, MBA Season 1 Episode 2
AssetBased Podcast
The Future of Work is Eternal Work
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Jeffrey James Seyferth, MBA, the self-proclaimed "Steve Jobs of Work" is the host of the Asset Based Podcast. He has authored numerous books under a pen name and earned his MBA from the University of Illinois. He received his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University's Eli Broad School of Business. Jeffrey strongly advocates for asset-based thinking and gives zero farts to sunk costs. 

In the first episode of the podcast, Jeffrey introduces himself and his nomadic journey, while providing little personal information or context about his identity. He advises that he is from another universe and has been undercover on Earth for 39 years. Jeffrey is critical of the deficit-based economy and advocates for asset-based economic theory to end unemployment. Jeffrey's ultimate goal of the AssetBased Podcast is to guarantee employment for every human being and to assist more asset-based people working on more asset-based planets.

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Season Summary:

In the AssetBased Podcast's first season, consisting of four episodes, host Jeffrey James Seyferth, MBA seeks to creatively destroy the deficit-based economy. In episode two, titled "The Future of Work is Eternal Work," he discusses the future of work on Earth and other planets, emphasizing the importance of autonomy, self-advancement, and the role of families. Cloud-based work is predicted to be the primary industry. The future of work will be everywhere, any
time, all the time, and especially in outer space. Data, Overall, the season provides an intriguing and memorable glimpse into the future of the workforce.

Episode Introduction:
On this episode of the AssetBased Podcast, host Jeffrey James Seyferth, MBA, discusses the future of work. The speakers believe that the future of work is characterized by autonomy, self-advancement, and collaboration. Cloud-based work, artificial intelligence, and human collaboration in a knowledge-based economy will play significant roles in shaping the future of work. The speakers emphasize the importance of investing in work as it impacts future generations. Jeffrey believes that a company that pays more for doing something and something for doing nothing will dominate the future of business. Overall, the episode suggests that the future of work is eternal and empowering, connected to achieving success for one's family, and emphasizes that there is too much work to be done and not enough workers.